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The 3 Growth Guys is an innovative EO-powered speaker series led by growth experts that focus on leading discussions around the most fundamental parts of unleashing success.

As leaders in the entrepreneurial space, The 3 Growth Guys understand how hard entrepreneurs work and recognize the need to have a well-rounded approach to both business and life. This is why they focus on not one, but three fundamental aspects of professional and personal growth.

CODE/+/TRUST CEO and serial entrepreneur Patrick Bryant details innovative strategies and tools you can immediately implement into your business's growth strategy. Will Scott, author of The Culture Fix and founder of The Culture Fix Academy, shares why leading with company culture is one of the most important elements of growing a successful company. Finally, Kris Kluver, author and founder of The Life on Your Terms books and programs, depicts the importance of investing in your personal growth and discovering partner alignment that aligns with your individual aspirations.

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EO GLC 2022

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with Patrick Bryant

Made entrepreneur, Patrick Bryant has the secret to growing multi-million dollar companies...he's grown 6.

Learn the 3-part framework that fast growing companies use to craft products & services made for growth.

Through the study of 100s of business models, Bryant created the Growth Business Score, which will help your team craft the perfect business.

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When Patrick Bryant was 17, he started a business. Not a great business...he was selling his time.

Through hard work, lessons from a family bankruptcy, and a restart, by 24 he was starting his next business. This time, though, he'd hit a $1 million valuation within 10 years, grew the company to 20 offices around the US, and had learned the secrets of growing successful businesses.

Patrick's biography has been a steady stream of launching new businesses in media, rolling papers, and software. As a serial entrepreneur, Patrick has now launched 6 (& counting) multi-million dollar companies, some in less than 2 years time, including CODE/+/TRUST (software development firm), Teamphoria (HR engagement software), (fundraising event software), CrewMama (crew production directory software), Go To Team (the largest staff video crew provider in the US), and Shine Rolling Papers (24k gold rolling papers).

After years as a serial entrepreneur, Patrick founded the Harbor Entrepreneur Center to provide a place to help others launch companies and create collision among other entrepreneurs in the region. The keys to his entrepreneurial success are now the founding principles taught to startup founders in the Harbor Accelerator, a 14-week program offered to 16 companies a year in Charleston, SC.

Patrick loves the startup process - that moment when you create something innovative that can scale, have a clear vision of how to get a unique product or service to everyone on the planet, and then build a company around that idea with talented, entrepreneurial-minded people. His principle is to think of startups as movie scripts with a specific timeline for growing each company, as well as a clear plan to exit. All of these concepts are surrounded by the overarching principles that Patrick has identified as the most important elements to building successful businesses - scale, innovation, and the ability to execute.


with Will Scott

Drawing from over 25 years of experience, Will Scott has unveiled the easiest fix for the hardest thing in business™.

Discover the transformative power of Culture Fulfillment™ through the easy to follow 9 Deeds in 90 Days.

A two-time author, Will has helped hundreds of businesses bring their cultures alive, make them thrive, and use them to driver performance.

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With employee engagement approaching an all-time high across the board, according to a 2019 Gallup survey, it is more important than ever to ensure your organization establishes or maintains a healthy culture to ensure success. Will Scott has been sharing and implementing his methodologies worldwide for several years & his first book, The Culture Fix: From Core Values to Valued Culture Using 9 Deeds in 90 Days was released to bring these same tools to Culture Czars en masse.

Will has said "Strategy is to thought as culture is to feelings. If we are all strategy, we deny the creative side of what it is to be our most present, fulfilled, and productive selves. The Culture Fix Academy and, Will Scott particularly, helps companies embrace the best of what exists within the organization.

Born in Zambia, Will is a European and naturalized US citizen who has lived in six countries and done business in more than 50. A longtime member of the Entrepreneurs Organization, Will is a founder and current President of EO Wisconsin and EO Accelerator Trainer. With an MBA in international business from the University of Southern California, Will has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, is a business coach and of course continuing Actuator for The Culture Fix.

Will leads workshops and speaks regularly on the subject of corporate culture using his proprietary 9-deed process for taking organizations from simply having Core Values to truly having a Valued Culture. Author of The Culture Fix: Bring your Culture Alive, Make it Thrive and Use it to Drive Performance, and host of the Valued Culture™ podcast.


with Kris Kluver

Yearning for more? Striving for balance? Looking to redefine success?

Learn three secrets to assessing your life, visualizing the future, and discovering partner alignment.

Over 30 years and thousands of house of facilitation, Kris has empowered countless individuals, couples, and teams to thrive and live Life On Your Terms.

Take the Balance Wheel Assessment today!

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Kris Kluver is a dedicated speaker, facilitator, advisor, seasoned entrepreneur, and best selling author of The Aspiring Solopreneur: YourBusiness Start-Up Bible as well as The Fable: Life on Your Terms, part of the Defining What’s Next series. He has helped thousands of individuals, couples, and organizations find balance and achieve more than they ever thought possible using simple tools, candid facilitation, and unique stories.

Kris isa Certified Speaker with EO, the Entrepreneur Organization and a graduate of the EO Global Speakers Academy. Kris has extensive speaking and virtual speaking experience both nationally and internationally with groups ranging from CEO’s to university students.

Kris empowers others to achieve success through real-life examples, stories and analogies.Understanding that everyone is in one of four stages of life; Stabilize, Visualize, Strategize or Execute, Kris meets people where they are at by integrating his extensive business strategy experience with proven tools and a fun attitude.  Once individuals are aware of where they are starting from, they learn how to dream about what an amazing, well-balanced life can look like. From here they build a simplified strategy with clear action steps to achieve their dreams.

As a result, people begin to think differently, dream and thrive.

Kris and his wife, Reka, provide talks, workshops and retreats focused on applying the Life on Your Terms methodologies to couples, individuals, and teams. These applications result in helping people to identify success on their terms, streamline communication, create partner champions (not saboteurs), and obtain their ideal life.

Kris is the founder and principal of Life on Your Terms and EntrepreneurialAdvisors, a strategic advisory and management facilitation firm that works with leaders in the UnitedStates and Europe. As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 35 years of actual, in the trenches experience, Kris started his first of fifteen companies at the age of nineteen. Since then, he has been involved with businesses ranging from consulting, real estate, online services, counseling, advertising, financial services, and many more. Kris has seen the inner workings of hundreds of businesses, some good, some ugly, all interesting.  Some successes have included eight figure exits, helping a company go public, 10X growth spurts, the successful restructuring of billion-dollar organizations and much more.  On an individual level, Life onYour Terms has helped individuals to discover their purpose, reconnect with loved ones, create alignment with their partners and empower people to embrace their next chapter in life.  Kris likes to say it is exciting to help companies make a lot of money, but it is life changing when you can help someone find and achieve their dreams.

Kris has studied entrepreneurial strategy at Harvard Business School and is a fellow at York University in the United Kingdom. He lives in the high country of Colorado with his spouse, Reka, where they live life on their terms embracing outdoor activities, adventure travel and endurance events.

To explore if working with Kris is a fit for your organization, contact him at or 402.616.0354 or 719.826.4823.

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