RUBI Success Story

RUBI is a Premier Transportation Platform that helps busy families safely transport their kids with a network of vetted drivers.

RUBI Success Story
Quinn Wilder
Quinn Wilder
Content Director
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RUBI is the most trusted way to transport kids. They provide safe rides for children while guardians are busy and juggling family schedules. With a network of vetted and dedicated drivers, adults can be at ease regarding a child’s safety. All drivers pass rigorous background checks and are held to the highest standards in the industry. Users can track rides in real-time to know where their loved one is.


RUBI’s biggest challenge was finding the right partner. 

They went through a couple of vendors over the past few years. They discovered CODE/+/TRUST by searching for trusted developers, software companies, and tech entrepreneurs. RUBI met with the team and spent time observing the CODE/+/TRUST environment, workflow, infrastructure, and process. 

It was then that a partnership was born. RUBI and CODE/+/TRUST made the perfect fit!


RUBI partnered with CODE/+/TRUST to rebuild a hybrid iOS and Android application.

CODE/+/TRUST took the existing MVP and did a code review to iterate the design and new features. We also rebranded and redesigned unique features to set RUBI apart in the marketplace. All aspects of tech development, including coding, UX/UI, implementation, and product launch were monitored by our team. The app is a hybrid for iOS and Android, and we’ve developed it from scratch. 

RUBI has three apps: for drivers, parents, and riders.


  • Automatic video and audio monitoring of all rides
  • Instant on-demand proof & Customer Support
  • Automated audio announcements as a deterrent 
  • Telematics. Safety Score & Eco Score
  • Accident Support System


Partnering with CODE/+/TRUST allows our software developers to become your in-house CTO, and we design each project in a phased approach with specific timelines.

Step 1: Understanding Your Business

We don’t just create software; we become partners in your success—everything we do results in developing a product that will be successful in the market. We sit down with you to understand your project and give feedback. Our team collaborates to create timelines, branding, design comps, competitive analysis, and SEO research findings. The outcome of this phase is a meeting where we present our research in a deliverable document.

Step 2: Iterative Development

We build features quickly so you can release them to market as soon as possible while helping manage and react to market feedback with ongoing feature refinements. Our partners are involved throughout the development process and attend weekly stand-ups and planning meetings.

Step 3: Final Product

We set you up for long-term success and growth by continuing to develop your app and providing marketing strategies. We believe functionality and beautiful design are equal in importance.


RUBI is exceedingly satisfied with CODE/+/TRUST’s quality service. The team is highly reliable and trustworthy, and their efforts have helped retain customers and drivers. Moreover, they excel in their project management and communication skills, delivering everything promptly and efficiently.


I love that CODE/+/TRUST executes what they’ve promised and gets things done. Their transparency and innovation are outstanding. Moreover, what sets them apart as a tech company is that they’re all founders and entrepreneurs, so they totally understand what it takes. CODE/+/TRUST can build an idea into a test platform and take it to market; they know the whole process.

Anyone looking for a new tech partner should focus on the potential infrastructure, the collaborative side, and all the encompassing components that CODE/+/TRUST can offer. Going into their office space and environment and seeing their cohesiveness as a team personally gave me the confidence that they were the right fit. They’ve provided value to me as an entrepreneur. I can sleep at night knowing they handle everything with as much love and care as I give my customers.

Contact CODE/+/TRUST today to see what we can make together!

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