CODE/+/TRUST Takes Over Project to Work With Blinktbi

CODE/+/TRUST Takes Over Project to Work With Blinktbi

Blinktbi has developed game-changing technology that provides fast and objective data about neurological function to support medical personnel with clinical assessments and decision making. They’ve developed a full software suite to go along with their patented device called the EyeStat.




When their current software development company was lacking, CODE/+/TRUST came in to take over the project. CODE/+/TRUST put together a game plan and assisted in fixing current bugs. They even initiated the transfer of servers for Blinktbi. With CODE/+/TRUST’s experience in building businesses, they can come in at any phase of a project and assist.




Blinktbi is now partnering with CODE/+/TRUST for all of their future needs with server maintenance and software updates.


Complete class act that will take the community by storm! We couldn’t be more excited for them and to work with them in 2019.”


Ryan Fiorini

Chief Operations Officer, Blinktbi





Frustrated with your current software development company? Let CODE/+/TRUST step in and take over your project!

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