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Patrick Bryant

growth and innovation speaker | serial entrepreneur

Massive Ideas


Learn the 3-part framework that fast growing companies use to craft products & services that are made for growth.

In this talk, Patrick explores innovation, scalability, and execution, and discusses how to leverage these aspects to grow your business.

Each person and business has the ability to grow into a mammoth company - the key is finding opportunities that have the most potential, applying techniques in innovation, understanding what products can scale effectively, and building unique industry knowledge that differentiates yourself from the competition.

Through the study of 100s of business models, Patrick Bryant created the Business Growth Score, which is built to analyze the perfect business idea.



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When Patrick Bryant was 17, he started a business. Not a great business...he was selling his time.

Through hard work, lessons from a family bankruptcy, and a restart, by 24 he was starting his next business. This time, though, he'd hit a $1 million valuation within 10 years, grew the company to 20 offices around the US, and had learned the secrets of growing successful businesses.

Patrick's biography has been a steady stream of launching new businesses in media, rolling papers, and software. As a serial entrepreneur, Patrick has now launched 6 (& counting) multi-million dollar companies, some in less than 2 years time, including CODE/+/TRUST (software development firm), Teamphoria (HR engagement software), (fundraising event software), CrewMama (crew production directory software), Go To Team (the largest staff video crew provider in the US), and Shine Rolling Papers (24k gold rolling papers).

After years as a serial entrepreneur, Patrick founded the Harbor Entrepreneur Center to provide a place to help others launch companies and create collision among other entrepreneurs in the region. The keys to his entrepreneurial success are now the founding principles taught to startup founders in the Harbor Accelerator, a 14-week program offered to 16 companies a year in Charleston, SC.

Patrick loves the startup process - that moment when you create something innovative that can scale, have a clear vision of how to get a unique product or service to everyone on the planet, and then build a company around that idea with talented, entrepreneurial-minded people. His principle is to think of startups as movie scripts with a specific timeline for growing each company, as well as a clear plan to exit. All of these concepts are surrounded by the overarching principles that Patrick has identified as the most important elements to building successful businesses - scale, innovation, and the ability to execute.


bryan derreberry charleston metro chamber of commerce president and ceo

" Patrick's gift is being able to connect with each person he talks to in a way that helps them consider their own skills and gifts, and how they can maximize their use. He is a disarming and gifted entrepreneur who shares his business development journeys in ways that inspire and cause deeper reflection about what it means to develop and operate a successful business."

Bryan S. Derreberry
President and CEO at Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce
leyla gulen fox24 news now host and executive producer

"Patrick Bryant's passion for innovation, business development, and his enthusiasm for the entrepreneurial spirit is an infectious one. What really sets Patrick apart from other professional speakers, head and shoulders, in fact, is his uncanny ability to drive and help others flourish and be a success."

Leyla Gulen
Host and Executive Producer at FOX24 News Now
matt vaadi ceo erg payroll guHRoo payroll, hr, and benefits

" Patrick Bryant brings not only his years of experience and success to the stage, but he knows how to share stores and ideas in a way that makes them stick. He is a dynamic leader and molds his message to meet the audience where they are. When you book Patrick for a speaking engagement, you can rest well knowing he cares that the audience gets the maximum value from their time with him."

Matt Vaadi
Founder and CEO at guHRoo Payroll, HR, and Benefits
stanfield gray dig south summit and media ceo and founder

" I've known Patrick Bryant for more than a decade as a highly successful founder and tech entrepreneur who executes at a high level. He's taken the stage many times at DIG SOUTH Tech Summit and always presents with a sense of purpose, passion, and clarity. He's very generous with his time, loves to mentor, and genuinely wants his audience and everyone around him to succeed."

Stanfield Gray
Founder and CEO at DIG SOUTH Summit & Media
chad norman founder and coo of catch talent

" As an event organizer, my job is to pack the stage with top-shelf speakers that will inspire my audience and fill them with insightful information. Patrick consistently delivers. His talks will always leave you thinking and laughing, and then have you telling your colleagues about his talk the next day!"

Chad Norman
Founder and COO at Catch Talent

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